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One of Ottawa’s leading independent professional financial planning firms

We provide integrated estate planning services focused exclusively for business owners as well as professionals. Estate planning can be seen as planning for one’s death however in reality it focuses primarily on planning while you are alive. TK Financial Group has earned the right to be recognized as one of the leading firms and is independently owned Canadian corporation. Our objective is to see the world through your eyes and only then begin the joint planning process.


Our Senior Advisory Team:

Milan Topolovec


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I moved from Croatia with my parents. With only two years in Canada, we were in a car accident and I became an orphan.

Upon graduating from the University of Ottawa, I was drafted into the Canadian Football League. I’ve enjoyed coaching various community sports, including football.

I am a strongly believe my relationships with clients begin by having their most profound interests at heart. I focus on our client’s wants and needs.

Professionally, I have found a common problem with business owners. I noted that decisions are made without integration, and mistakes are or can often be costly. I know owning a business is not easy task and personal needs can be put on a back burner.

We have uncovered millions of dollars of undue tax liabilities, as a result of poor business structure and sub-optimal estate planning. Unfortunately, business decisions are often made one at a time rather than gaining vital input from all the professionals seated at the same table as a team. We connect our clients with the right person for the right job.

An important tax accountant client said:

I have worked with Milan for a number of years. He understands the issues facing business owners and develops creative solutions to help them. Milan works closely with the client’s advisors and understands the planning considerations around succession, tax planning estate planning and Insurance”

TK Financial Group provides integrated financial solutions exclusively to business owners/professionals.

Our patented process the “TK Insurance Audit” has saved client’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly premiums, as well unnecessary taxes. When securing insurance coverages, we work with leading insurance companies and their senior underwriters, to get you the very best insurance coverages.

We consistently identify the finest options for your estate planning, business planning and integrated insurance planning.

  • We bring together all proven professionals to work with YOU jointly in meetings by creating your plan.
  • You will work with skilled professionals who will assist you to navigate through a variety of planning strategies with optimal, time tested results.
  • We help you plan for big events, such as selling your business. You may have children in the business and children who are not, which, can present challenges.
  • We advise families across generations.
  • Our insurance audits provide tax opportunities and premium savings that expertly, confirm your coverage.

Don’t miss making smart decisions in your business. We are here to help you.

Catherine Pierre

Catherine Pierre

Executive Associate, TK Insurance Inc,
a division of TK Financial Group

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Christian Fournier

B.B.A, Finance
Senior Associate


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Throughout my childhood, my family faced many financial difficulties. I was determined to learn everything I could in order to ensure that we would never be faced with this situation moving forward. This led me on a journey to read every book and article I could get my hands on regarding investments, portfolio management, financial planning, and tax optimization.

This journey led me to pursue a finance degree at Bishop’s University. I also had the opportunity to be on the investment management team for the university’s investment portfolio. During my time at Bishop’s, I played football as a running back and a specialist for the Gaiters.

Fast forward, I am now the financial quarterback for a select few professionals, business owners, and retirees. I started my career working in the banking industry. However, I quickly realized that I wanted to be an independent advisor and start my own financial services firm. This would allow me to offer my clients integrated services which would have been impossible to deliver within the banking structure.

My range of expertise includes investment management, insurance and risk management, tax optimization, and retirement & estate planning. In order to optimize these services, I enlist specialists in certain situations. This allows me to ensure that my clients’ needs are always fully met.

I specialize in providing an integrated approach that is tailored to help our clients achieve their individual goals.


Not all Life Insurance products are equal among the variety of Life Insurance options, and most importantly each Life Insurance company has its own Life Insurance product portfolio. We at TK Insurance represent products from 18 leading Life Insurance carriers and by doing so we secure the best Life Insurance product to meet your planning needs.

Corporate and Professional Clients

Life Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Executive/Professional Disability
Long Term Care

TK Financial Group provides integrated life insurance solutions to meet the needs of business owners and professionals. We are independent advisors representing 18 insurers which allow us to present you with cost effective products from leading insurers.



We connect your professional world with your personal world hand in hand. They both affect what you do and we are here to help. It’s not just about making sure you pick the right funds for your portfolio. It’s about you and what you want out of life and retirement. TK focuses on providing a comprehensive holistic financial plan for your family’s future that will make sure you are protected.



We connect your professional world with your personal world hand in hand. They both affect what you do and we are here to help. It’s not just about making sure you pick the right funds for your portfolio. It’s about you and what you want out of life and retirement. TK focuses on providing a comprehensive holistic financial plan for your family’s future that will make sure you are protected.


The TK Insurance Audit is a Life Insurance service that closely examines your existing Life Insurance contracts, summarizes the findings in a detailed report and provides you with valuable Life Insurance recommendations which can be utilized to make informed decisions. Further planning is available from our consulting company Inner Orbis Inc. Visit »


Testimonials from our Clients

Michael Curran

We are known in the business and professional community for providing value added services beyond an insurance or financial solution. On a regular basis, those that work with us will tell you, we are connecting them to improve their revenue and business opportunities.

Richard Labbé

We have enjoyed a long relationship with Richard which began on a personal level and extended to the business services we provide: Key Person coverage, Employee Benefits and Shareholder Funding. As you may know, Richard in early years used himself to demonstrate bomb blast protective suits. Through our connection, we were able to facilitate from start to even translating a presentation at Ministry of Defence in Croatia, which resulted in a sale for Med-Eng

Dr Patrick & Diana Murphy

Working with Dr. Patrick and Diana Murphy started off as a TK Insurance Audit. As we engaged it became clear that our planning services will be of value. Working with them has been enjoyable as they quickly realized we were in their corner and not looking for a quick sale. Taking care of them, their family and their professional practice.

Mary MacKinnon

Insurance litigation lawyer, Mary McKinnon, who had a personal claim. She speaks about the distinct service TK Financial provided her. Mary did not have to deal with the insurance claim, everything was done for her by TK Financial Group.
When you have a critical illness, executive/professional disability and life insurance claim who will take care of you?