We specialize in creating a financial plan that complements your business goals with your personal goals.

Let's Get Started

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Why Choose TK Financial?

We connect your business world with your personal world hand in hand. They both affect what you do and we are here to help. It’s not just about making sure you have creditor protection or pick the right funds for your portfolio. It’s about you and what you want out of life and retirement. TK focuses on providing a comprehensive holistic financial plan for your family’s future that will make sure you are protected.

Investment Advice

Investing is not just about picking the right stock or timing the market.

It’s about making a clear plan for your retirement, building an education fund for your children and having an emergency fund to help you during bad times. We help to create a complete financial plan with you that has clear goals for you to reach your financial needs.

Discretionary Money Management

For those whose needs extend beyond traditional mutual funds and ETFs, discretionary management allows for customized portfolio construction built around your own unique goals, risk tolerance, and tax situation. Our selected manager has a time-tested track record of growing and protecting our clients’ wealth throughout market cycles, with a philosophy based on owning shares of the best companies in the world.