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Our thorough knowledge of tax, legal as well as structures enables us to choose a product that is custom created for your wants. Knowing how to best apply various life products to clients business is where we excel. Tax efficiency is always a consideration when business insurance planning is being contemplated.

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Why Choose TK Financial?

Working with TKFG gives you an advantage because as we represent numerous insurers. This enables us to analyze the market to find the best products and insurers that are a fit for your situation.

Our competencies go far beyond the insurance products themselves. What separates us is knowing how these products can be structured for tax efficiency and creditor protection.

We have a reinsurance specialist working for you that will analyze your medical situation and let us know how the insurer will determine you as a risk often even before a medical has been completed based on your history. We access Canadian insurers and when required in the US.

We Offer

Corporate Life Insurance

Having a properly structured insurance solution has been a lifeline to a number of our clients. We can assist you with your planning to ensure the business is well protected in case of fatal tragedy to shareholders and key persons.

Buy and Sell Agreements

Life insurance, executive disability and critical illness can provide a partnership with necessary funds to finish a project, protect partners and ensure clients do not suffer from a large financial loss. Shareholder & Partnership agreements will be closely reviewed to ensure that the insurance safety net is in place to benefit everyone.

Executive Disability Coverage

Most business owners may not be aware that contractually, the receptionist has a better chance of a claim being paid then the owner of the business or executive under a group insurance long term disability policy. We focus on creating contracts that are equally tailored to the needs of business owners, executives, and employees. There are tax efficient solutions every business should consider to secure best possibility of qualifying for claims payout.

Estate Planning

People mistakenly overlook Estate Planning for a number of reasons but going through the process can have an incredible impact on the financial and emotional well being of an individual’s personal and professional entities. Estate planning encompasses a number of areas like: legal, accounting, investments, insurance, family advising, banking, family governance and family advising to name a few areas.

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